Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair / Cables Repair - Torsion, Extension

Need emergency garage door spring repair La Verne CA service? In our company, we cover local torsion and extension spring needs as fast as possible. Is your spring broken? We replace it 24/7. Since springs and cables work together in order to lift and lower the garage door, any problem with either part will affect the door's performance. So you can rely on us for your garage door cable repair needs too. Is one of the cables damaged, frayed or off the drum? We respond equally fast as when you need spring repair service. Equipped to service both parts, our technicians can repair and replace them or make the right adjustments to make sure the door moves right and is safe.

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Every member of our team at Garage Door Repair La Verne CA has great experience in both residential and commercial garage systems. Our experts are aware that the door won't open if the springs break. We also know that the door will slide down if the springs are not sufficiently tense. If the spring snaps with the door in the opening position, most likely someone will get hurt. For all these reasons, we provide 24 hour garage door spring repair. How would you know if there is a problem with your spring? If the door doesn't remain open or doesn't open with ease, give us a call. If the opener makes noise but the door won't go up, the spring is most likely broken. In this case, you can trust its replacement to us.

Our team installs all types of garage door springs

We provide broken torsion and extension springs replacement as fast as possible. Each type of spring is unique and must be matched to the door. Whether you want galvanized or oil tempered torsion springs, we use the best quality on the market to fit the needs of your door. Our experts bring the right spring with them when they come to replace the broken one at your business or home. When it comes to extension springs, we replace both of them to ensure proper counterbalance of the door.

Need urgent torsion spring replacement? Call 24/7

The role of garage door springs to the door's performance is vital. The torsion spring at the upper part of the door creates torque as it unwinds to open the door and transfers its power through the shaft to the cable system. For heavier doors, we might need to install two torsion springs. One in each side of the center bracket. This also provides extra safety should the spring breaks. It's imperative to check and evaluate the condition of the springs when you replace the door. Let us help you with that too! We don't only offer emergency spring replacement but can also replace the spring to meet the demands of a new door or prematurely as a preventive measure against accidents.

Our team replaces garage door extension springs quickly

We replace extension springs too. Since they come in pairs, we install them at the two sides of the door and adjust them so that they will balance the door at both sides properly. As their coils extend and contract in order to shut and open the door, they become less flexible over the years. Are your extension or torsion springs sagging? Let Garage Door Repair La Verne fix the problem by adjusting them. In such cases, we need to add enough tension to keep them flexible and strong. If the door doesn't close properly or is doesn't have correct balance, we might also need to release tension. In either case, you can rely on our garage door spring repair La Verne CA services. Call us now if you need spring or cable repair!